Microsoft's aim is to build social and economic prosperity in your country through their citizenship programs.

One area in which Microsoft works to make a difference socially within citizenship is through community affairs. Microsoft has successfully established an extensive network of non-profit partners to support community-based programs and local projects that will enable more people to have access to technology.

Why choose Microsoft's cloud?

Cloud-based tools can support charities, with advantages in security, organizational control of data, ease of use and increased agility.

Thankfully, moving to a cloud-based solution doesn’t have to mean retraining your staff or volunteers. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 allow you to use the same applications that you’re used to, with access to files anywhere online.

Available to thousands of charities

For more information, The Microsoft charitable programs through TechSoup provide a wide variety of software to nonprofits, charities, faith-based organizations, and public libraries throughout your country.

To see if your organization is eligible, see the Microsoft software eligibility page.

On-premises Microsoft software donations also available

TechSoup encourages organizations to visit our overview of the Microsoft donation program. There, you can learn about the quantity of products an organization can request, special rules for software installed by public libraries, and specific procedures to follow for returns.

The page also provides an overview of the benefits and rules of the Microsoft Volume Licensing program, through which the donated products are made available, along with links to help you find additional information at both TechSoup and Microsoft.

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